Martin Lesperance

Martin Lesperance leads an energetic life as a firefighter/paramedic, author and speaker. He is one of the leading safety speakers in North America delivering his safety message in a unique, humorous style. Clients include: Boeing, Los Alamos National Laboratory, US Army Corps of Engineers, Shell, ExxonMobil, Imperial Oil, Precision Drilling and Weyerhaeuser, just to name a few.

Martin still works as a full time firefighter/EMR so there is no shortage of material for his talks. He sees first hand and on a daily basis the results that happen from a split second of carelessness. Martin will be retiring from the firehouse in the next couple of years. He has decided he would rather prevent injuries from happening in the first place rather than respond to and attend the injured person after they have been hurt. His talks are very effective in helping to prevent injuries.

Drawing on his experiences, Martin has become a best selling author. His books cover the topics of driving; slips, trips and falls; fire safety; stress; and many more. One of the books he is most proud of is “15-24, The Dangerous Years.” This book is written to help teens and young workers make it through those “invincible years” in one piece. Many companies have purchased large volumes of his books to give to their employees.

Since that time, his reputation as an expert in safety and injury prevention has grown, and he has appeared on numerous television and radio programs across North America. Martin has also been featured in countless newspaper and magazine articles.

He has also helped write and starred in six safety videos produced by ERI-Safety Videos.

As an interesting side note, Martin was a Golden Glove boxing champ in 1971, 72 and 73. He also competed in the “Toughest Fire Fighter Alive” contest. He will tell you these events just about killed him.

Martin lives with his two young daughters. He can be reached at 1-888-278-8964.