Start your safety meetings with an “attention grabber” that breaks the ice and gets people thinking about safety.

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Do you have the added responsibility of running safety meetings in your organization? Now you can have one of the most popular safety speakers start your meeting for you.

“Safety Moments” are short, 1 ½ – 5 minute safety videos that can kick off your meeting with a dynamic thought provoking safety points that are great for on or off the job.

If you ever had to run a safety meeting along with all the other work your job entails, you know the start off is usually the most difficult part. How do I break the ice to kick off the meeting. Now, I can do this for you.

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My name is  Martin Lesperance. You may have heard me speak at a safety conference or  heard me speak at your company. Maybe you’ve seen one the six safety videos I’ve been featured in.

I’ve worked 26 years as a firefighter and paramedic. I’ve seen a lot.

It made me sick seeing how lives were destroyed by unsafe actions. But it’s more than that, I realized how difficult it was going to be for their families.

I decided to try to prevent injuries instead of responding to them after it’s too late. After the injury has happened.

I’ve shared my safety message with hundreds of companies

I’ve written books, designed safety programs, made videos and I speak on safety. I’ve spoken for organizations such as NASA, Los Alamos National Laboratory, ExxonMobil, Boeing, to name a few.

People in safety told me they wanted short, dynamic videos that can be used to start off any safety meetings. Well here they are!

Click on the clips below to see a sample. The actual DVDs are a much higher quality that you will see over the internet.

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Do you have multiple sites where you want to use Safety Moments? We can license it to your company so it can go on your intranet so your employees can see them world wide.